Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

New Year 2023

As the New Year is almost here, could you take a moment to reflect on 2022?  What was good?  What was not so good? What do you want to take into the new year with you?  We always hear of resolutions and promises for the new year.  I would ask you not to make the resolution.  We set intentions and don’t follow them once January 2 hits.  

How can you make this moment better?   Focus on moments during the day and upon reflection at night, ask yourself what was good.  It’s in these little moments that quality of life is built upon.  I’ve always said that you can’t look backward.  Nothing can change in the past, so that is the wrong direction!  I look forward to being in the moment and clarifying what is fulfilling to you.  Is it family?  Is it the one thing a stranger said in line at Hannaford's? These small moments can be big and power you forward to the following moments.  Cherish them and see that you are unique and worthy and can make a difference in your life in the coming year.  

I have acquired new designs and will come out with unique collections in the coming months.  I love funny and quirky sayings and colorful and bright designs and will experiment with thick threads for home décor.  I’m also going to add some quilts to the site for sale.  They will range in size from baby quilts to king-size bed quilts, and there will only be one of each design unless I get motivated.  So, if you see something, get it, as it may not be available the next time you look.  

Happy New Year!

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