Origins of The Hoodie and The Sweatshirt

In 1926, Richard Russell, Jr. was a football player and wanted more comfortable practice jersey other than the typical itchy and scratchy wool jerseys worn during practices.  He created a prototype and presented the idea to his father who then established Russell Athletic wear.  (

According to, hoodies were popularized in the 1930s “Champion sewed the first hood onto a sweatshirt to keep workers in upstate New York warm, thus also pioneering the hoodie.”

Various types of materials have been used over the years in order to perfect these iconic pieces of clothing.   Today’s materials incorporate all weights of cotton with various other fabrics to create what is worn for leisure, sport, and day to day activities.   While styles may shift over the years, adding personalized logos, names, or groups symbolize the need to belong while demonstrating individuality.   There are as many  colors, cuts, and options to a sweatshirt or hoodie that are limited only by the imagination.

Custom embroidery can assist in creating the look that defines you.   A sport logo, inspiring saying, funny picture, or even a photograph can be embroidered onto a sweatshirt.  If you can imagine it, we can create it and then embroider it. 

Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodies make great gifts.  Without words, they communicate a thoughtfulness that you know the person well enough to be able to make their gift personal.  And if you have no idea what to put on the garment, well, email us and we’ll be happy to help design something for that special person in your life.  

Sweatshirts and Hoodies aren’t going anywhere.  Over the years, they have symbolized many things, but still remain a staple in sportswear, leisurewear and daily wear.  Get yours today. 

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