Dish Towel - "Pair of Flamingos - Two Towel Set"

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Dish Towel with Custom Embroidery
"Pair of Flamingos - Two Towel Set"

Summertime and the living’s easy. A summery selection suitable for decorating the kitchen during summer months, this towel set is an embroidered pairing which presents a pink flamingo in various seasonal settings. Fun and fabulous, the tropical embroidery applied to each towel will have you dreaming of paradise.

Flamingos just want to have fun. Catching some sun sprawled out on a beach chair and sipping a cocktail, the pink feathered friend embroidered onto this towel is soaking up every last bit of summertime bliss.

Featuring a pink flamingo frolicking among tropical flowers under a cloudy summer sky, the embroidered design applied to this decorative towel brings a twist of the tropics to the kitchen. It’s cute, colorful, summery and a perfect pick for bird lovers!

Sizes vary slightly, depending on type. typically 14" x 22", 18" x 25", or 19" x 26".
Size, Weight, and colors approximate.